New Year’s Resolutions | 2017

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year from our DAC Team to you and yours! Is 2017 a year of New Year’s Resolutions? We may be able to help.

This is do-able!

For a solid article on how to get those New Year’s Resolutions off on the right track this year, check out,  Achievement unlocked! Use science to keep your new year’s resolutions(Linda Geddes, December 6 2015, from The Guardian)

“…for behaviour change to occur, people must have the capability, opportunity and motivation to make it happen. Often people aren’t making resolutions for the right reasons, says Gardner: “They think that because it’s new year, they’re obliged to say they’ll change their behaviour. But once they face the reality of what they’re doing, they give up because they aren’t motivated enough in the first place.”

The article goes on to note,

“Say 2016 is the year you plan to write a novel. First, you need to identify good situations in which to initiate your writing: it could be whenever your partner goes out to their gym class. But you also need to plan what to do if your best friend calls and suggests you meet for lunch instead. Gollwitzer calls this “if-then planning”: if X happens, then I will do Y.

If this, then that

…people are two to three times more likely to achieve their goals if they use an “if-then” plan; this goes for all sorts of goals, from weight loss to using more public transport.”

Your new year’s resolutions may just the thing to tackle some questionable habits that need a little re-working. If that’s the case, here’s to your strong success in 2017!

And in defense of a little peace of mind…

On the other hand,

“…Sometimes there’s a very good reason why we’re not slimmer/fitter/richer/nicer than we already are. And that’s because, if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we don’t really need to be.”

Whatever your situation, may 2017 be a year full of peace. Good health and much love for you and yours!

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