Money Stress Impacts Canadian Donors and Charities

We hear it in your voice, and we see it in your donor notes. Money stress is impacting how you go about giving. You want to make the biggest impact possible, both for your charity, and on your income taxes.

In a December article, Kevin Press (for The Huffington Post) says it well,

“Economic growth remains stubbornly soft… In October, the International Monetary Fund predicted just 1.2 per cent growth for Canada this year and 1.9 per cent next year. Eight years after the financial crisis, our economy has yet to break out of its funk. Canadians are feeling it, personally.

Impact felt across Canada

Press goes on to say, “Money worries exist across income levels, and across the country. A new study fielded by Ipsos has found that three in 10 Canadians say they feel insecure about their financial health, defined as ‘a state of overall well-being where a person can fully meet current and future financial obligations to enjoy the things that matter most in life.'”

And when we feel it personally, that impacts our giving practices

“Charitable giving in Canada has dropped to a 10-year low,” said Charles Lammam, director of fiscal studies at the Fraser Institute. The Global news article states that, “Canadians are becoming less generous…”

We heartily disagree with the generosity of Canadians lessening. But we do know that donors are less able to part with their hard-earned dollars. Decisions about what to spend our money on are subject to closer scrutiny. We feel the pinch of pressing commitments and financial obligations. And we desire to support the causes we care about.

Stress can lead to suspicion

We’ve also seen a shift in the level of stress and strain you bring to your follow-up process. There is a worried suspicion that the business you are dealing with is trying to withhold, or (worse!) is dishonest.

Donate a Car Canada has been in business for over a decade. We are proud to act with integrity on behalf of all of our donors. This shows in the way that your tax receipts reflect the fluctuations of a volatile metal market. We will carefully manage your donation particulars. We will be sure to keep you informed. If in doubt, call our toll free line. Sometimes connecting with someone in person provides more reassurance than written documentation. We are always delighted to hear from you.

Whatever your circumstance, we are hopeful that 2017 is a year of solid footing financially, and that you find yourself in good health, surrounded by people who like you quite a lot! If we can help enhance the year with a gift to your charity via vehicle donation, give us a call, or click the button below and we’ll be at your service.
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