Weather Network | Top 10 Stories From 2016

Have you checked in at the Weather Network recently? 'Ever heard of an ice disc? Searching for reassurance that last (non)winter really did happen, this Alberta gal went looking for some perspective on the unrelenting (where are our Chinooks?!) chill of our winter, so far. The WN does not disappoint! Continue reading "Weather Network | Top 10 Stories From 2016" →

Extreme Weather and Your Car

Extreme Weather. As Winter works her way across our country with¬†predictably unpredictable surges of warmth and chill, our sea coast dwellers, orchard planters, and unseasonably warm Albertans will tell you that, regardless of where you stand on the issue of climate change, there are some strange things happening with the weather. Continue reading "Extreme Weather and Your Car" →