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Calgary Food Bank will receive a gift from a family that, at one time, needed their critical service. Here’s how one vehicle donation can make a big difference…

Paying it forward…or back…

A Calgary Food Bank donor connected excitedly to give us details about the family car. The car was getting on in years, and had served the family well. Would we consider auctioning it? His reasons were simple, “It is a pleasure to give back to the food bank that fed my family for the first 3 months when we first came to Canada as new immigrants.

The Calgary Food Bank will surprise you with the (creative!) services they provide. Our Honda donor had good reason for choosing to give back to this work!

In 2019-20 the CFB cranked out 1,356 creative initiatives. These raised $3.4 million in funds and 1.8 million pounds of food.

They have food hampers and community gardens. They rescue food! I mean, This. This is beautiful: between September 2019 and August 2020 they rescued $26,809,910 worth of food (that’s 10, 311, 504 pounds)!

Visit their website, find them on Face Book, and give your local food bank some love. They are helping in very real and very timely ways.

From auction block to lunch box

We are careful about how we assign donated cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles. Like you, we want to see the highest dollar outcome for each charity. Our experience, our agents, and the ever-fluctuating market direct us in this.

Can the car be re-sold? If the mileage is below 200,000 kms and she’s lookin’ good, we can likely auction or re-sell. Running strong, less than 10 years old? The auction block and buyer buzz will have us on track for strong donation dollars.

If the vehicle is recycle-ready (she’s tired and grumpy and wants off the road), no problem. We have agents that will manage vehicles in virtually any condition. As long as it is intact (no parts missing, please!), and has 4 tires, it’s donation-worthy!

In the case of our small car donor, it was auction time. In less than two weeks, our donor’s car went from submission form to auction platform. And…SOLD! For a donation outcome of over $1,000.00!

This gift will be sent to the Calgary Food Bank this month-end. From submission form, to auction platform, to lunchbox. It’s just that easy!

Goodness is how Canadians roll

We have a series of emails that we use to keep donors in the loop on their donation process. Our CFB donor has been excitedly tracking his step-by-step process, “Thank you for making my dream of touching lives come true.” And that’s it, right? We all really do want to bring a little gentleness and support into each others’ lives.

Your local food bank is one simple way to contribute to your community directly.

Perhaps you and your family are experiencing food insecurity in these wobbly times?

The Calgary Food Bank advises,

“Please call 403-253-2055 to request your emergency food hamper. You must call first as hamper distribution is by appointment only.

Be prepared: we will ask some personal questions like income and basic expenses. This includes government/income supports, rent, mortgage, utilities, childcare, and medical.

Once you have called and been approved for a food hamper, our volunteers will book a you a specific time to pick-up your hamper. Hampers can be picked-up at our main location or one of our satellite locations.

You can validate your IDs virtually making it possible for a Third Party (family member, friends, volunteers, other delivery service etc) to pick-up your hamper in a more timely, safe, and convenient manner.  Find out more information about the process.

Free tow and donation in 10 minutes

‘Ready to donate your car, truck, van, or motorcycle? Our donation form takes 10 minutes to fill out (it’s easier than setting up an online shopping membership!). Your free tow will happen in a timely manner (typically within 1-5 business days). And from there it’s just a matter of accounting and getting that gift to your charity of choice. Easy, quick, and so good for the cause you love!

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