The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation

We’re excited to announce that the Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation has received their first donation through Donate a Car. Moreover, they are all set with our program and ready to receive your vehicle donation, too.

First time donation

Thanks to a generous car donor, $120.00 has been forwarded to the charity as a 1st gift!

Different factors impact your dollar outcome. Every car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle will be assessed on its own merit. It will be either recycle or re-sold.

A car deemed recycle-ready by our area agents will raise a flat rate donation outcome.

Whenever possible, a vehicle is re-sold at auction for a higher donation return. The car is sold as-is to the highest bidder. Whoever bids the most, gets the car! Your charity nets the sale dollars.

The net proceeds from recycling or re-selling are sent to any charity in Canada. You get to choose!

What is JMMF all about?

The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation is a group that does not tolerate violence. They are a community that brings safety and hope to hurting individuals and families.

JMMF strives to remove the stigma that comes with domestic violence. This happens through community engagement. Furthermore, they promote awareness, prevention and education.  They empower individuals to live a life free of violence.

Where you can find them

Statistics Canada’s 2006 numbers on domestic abuse are troubling:

7% of Canadian women reported being abused by their intimate partner between 1999 and 2004,. Furthermore, 9% of women under the age of 25 years reported sexual assault or criminal harassment. Shockingly, 21% of abused women were assaulted during pregnancy. At 24% of Aboriginal women in Canada reporting abuse, violent acts against indigenous women are high.

One in five homicides involves the killing of an partner.

These are some of the stats behind the need for a charity like the JMMF. To learn more about Jessica’s story and how you can be part of the solution to this complex issue visit the charity site.

How you can help

Donating a car may be out of the question right now. Would you like to volunteer time instead? Here are some JMMF options:

Third Party Fundraisers
You take the reigns and organize an event to support us!  You’ll raise funds and awareness while building a community that brings safety and hope to vulnerable individuals. Learn more.

Board and Committees:
Board and Committee members help us achieve specific goals and objectives.  (fundraising, outreach, etc.)
Board and Committee Application Form (2018)

Project Volunteer:
Do you have a special skill or talent you’d like to share with our organization?  Graphic Design? Photography?
Let us know and we will work with you to create a meaningful position or project.

Teena Hughson, B.A.
Community Engagement Coordinator

Your unused car can help

Financial gifts are always welcome, too.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to go ahead with a car donation, just click on the big red button below. We are ready to serve you and your cause! We will move things along carefully and quickly for you, too.

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