Thank You | Gratitude for $1.5 Million Charity Dollars in 2015

We’re bursting with “Thank you!” as we share the news that we’ve had our best donation year ever. With over 700 charities receiving through our program, we shared over one million dollars in gifts in 2015!

Here are just a few of the things we want to thank you for as we close the books on the past year:
Thank you for letting us help you clear your driveway of that quirky rust bucket.

And for the privilege of sorting out a sale on that Beauty that is definitely not ready for the scrap heap. We love those auction-ready cars!

Thanks for reminding the tow agent that he’ll need to wear high boots to wade through all of the mud the ol’ Ford has been sitting in for the past few years.

Thank you for re-homing all of the squirrels that were living in your recycle-ready car.

And for allowing us the privilege of re-homing your collector car!

Big thanks for being so understanding about the current scrap metal crisis. It’s breaking our hearts, too.

And for reading the emails that we send when you donate — we know they hold a lot of information!

Gratitude for sharing your fond car memories – we know that parting can be such sweet sorrow.

And for sharing your less-than-fond car memories – we know that sometimes you just really need an old car gone! And fast!

Thank you for understanding that, eventually, even the most faithful ol’ cars have to be turned into pop cans and toasters.

And for your stories of how easy it was to donate. We know you have a lot to do, and we love to help.

Thank you for wanting your car to live a second life as a charitable donation!

And Thank you for contributing to 1.5 million dollars in cash donations to hundreds of Canadian registered charities in 2015!

The Canadian Cancer Society Thank You Says it so Well

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