One Boy, One Bowflex, One Winning Battle

BowflexJust four years ago, Shane was a typical rough’n’tumble boy. In school, he was good in math but even better in gym class. He was strong and agile with energy to burn. Shane was in excellent physical condition and he effortlessly played a variety of sports, particularly flag football. Like most kids, he didn’t appreciate what his body was capable of, until leukemia took it all away. Continue reading "One Boy, One Bowflex, One Winning Battle" →

Children’s Wish Foundation Receives $7725.00 Gift: Kimberley’s Story

Children's Wish FoundationWith the average wish valued at $10,000.00 for a Children's Wish Foundation recipient, Kimberly's generosity in donating her Sprinter for a gift of over $7,000.00 is a very big deal! Continue reading "Children’s Wish Foundation Receives $7725.00 Gift: Kimberley’s Story" →

Claire’s Story | How One Car Makes a Difference

Canadian CharitiesWhen you donate a vehicle through the Donate a Car Canada program, your impact is as unique as the charity you choose! The Children's Wish Foundation is one of our receiving Canadian charities, and Claire is one kiddo that has been directly impacted by donors like you! Claire’s Wish Story (Reprinted with permission) is one example of how your car (recycle-ready, or a good candidate for auction) can have a lasting impact on the cause you care about. Continue reading "Claire’s Story | How One Car Makes a Difference" →

The Top Five in our Top 5 – More Children’s Charities!

Children's Charities

This is it ~ The last in our series of posts about DAC's Top 5 categories of giving for 2014! Canada's kids already made it into the Top 5 once, but so many of our donors have children as their giving priority that we can happily list even more charities as top recipients for the year! Care for overall quality of life is reflected in our final Top 5 (charities reaching toward specific aspects of the well-being of children).  Continue reading "The Top Five in our Top 5 – More Children’s Charities!" →