Subaru Christmas Car | Light Show on Wheels

Subaru owner turns his little car into a light show, delighting children and adults alike with Christmas wonder.

Subaru Winter Wonderland on Wheels

How you can light up your little part of the world this season

Tricking your Subaru out with 3,000 lights a little out of reach? The Family Education site has a top ten of uplifting ways that you can (simply and inexpensively) spread a little cheer of your own.

  1. Bake some Christmas cookies for friends and neighbors
  2. Carry around a pocket full of spare change (or, writer’s note, carry a handful of Tim’s gift cards) to share as needed
  3. Sing!
  4. Decorate the house
  5. Volunteer some time
  6. Give small gifts to service providers
  7. Organize a fundraiser/food drive with friends –  in lieu of gifts for yourselves
  8. Smile
  9. Teach your kids about the spirit of giving
  10. And last but not least, consider donating…

Having a tough time deciding where your donation should sparkle this Christmas?

If you’ve found your way to Donate a Car Canada, you have a very specific kind of donation in mind. It’s possible you have a car or truck that needs to be moved off the property before a crowd of family moves onto it? Donating your car through the program here means lots of choice for the designation of your gift. Narrow down the charities you wish to support (Thinking in categories may help? Kids, animals, community support, special interests, or an illness that’s impacted your family are some places to start). Pick one, connect with our team, and we’ll get your donated vehicle picked-up in time for you to clear the driveway.
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