The Gift of Intention

noun: intention; plural noun: intentions
  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.
    “she was full of good intentions”
      • the action or fact of intending.
        “intention is just one of the factors that will be considered”
    • a person’s designs, esp. a man’s, in respect to marriage.
      plural noun: someone’s intentions; plural noun: one’s intentions
      “if his intentions aren’t honorable, I never want to see him again”
  2. Medicine
    the healing process of a wound.

As we quickly come to a close of the first month of 2014 (can you believe that?!), it’s a time to evaluate exactly what we want this year to look like for us, and to celebrate our successes thus far.

When planning the year ahead, when we set our goals, what are our intentions? Why do we want what we want this year? Why do we want to be more, do more, have more? These are great questions to ask as we reflect not just on January, but as we move forward to every other month of the year.

One of the favourite things we do in our home is sponsor a child. It was originally a very intentional choice so that the kids could learn what they have been blessed with living in Canada, but also so they could understand how other children their age live in other parts of the world. When we discuss giving in other ways, it always comes back to sponsoring a child. We’ve visited seniors and when we go to events, invariably there is a busker or homeless person that the kids want to donate to as well.

It’s rewarding to cultivate intentional giving, watching youth recognize that others don’t necessarily have it as good as we do. It’s not always about monetary value either. It can be our time, a can of soup, a pay-it-forward coffee purchase at a drive through or even a smile. The intention is to add ‘value’ to someone else’s day, someone else’s life, through a simple gift. Our kids are watching and learning!

So simple, what a great idea. It happened right here in Canada:

With over 225 charities on our Donate A Car Canada’s list of Canadian registered charitable organizations to choose from, our intention is to support these causes in a way that many may not know is possible.

Did you know that your car may be the perfect way to gift your favourite charity? Maybe you don’t have money in the bank but you have a car in the driveway that has been sitting for months. Maybe you’re purchasing a new vehicle and you want to do something good with the one you’re ‘retiring’. We are more than happy to assist you in picking up your car at no cost to you and then find the appropriate method – auctioning or recycling – to ensure a maximum donation for the charity you intend to donate to.

Our simple donation process makes it quick and painless for you to offer hope and encouragement to charities who can’t do the work they do without help from people who intentionally give to them. Be part of the solution, think outside the box and consider how your vehicle can improve someone else’s life.

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