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Can I donate my scooter? The answer here at Donate a Car Canada is, “Yes!” Well…maybe? Probably! Each donated scooter has a story of its own. Let’s see if yours is a good fit for a charitable donation…

Scooter donations on the rise this Spring

DACC prides itself on choice of charity. Your donated vehicle can bring about a monetary gift on behalf of any one of hundreds (almost 1,000 to date!) of Canadian charities.

Spring 2021 has us processing an unusual volume of scooters. This means hundreds of donation dollars for multiple charities.

How much will my motorcyle raise?

When our donors asked themselves, “Should I donate my scooter?” they are not necessarily savvy to our process. We have scooters in a variety of conditions wind their way into our hearts. Donors visit with no way of knowing just how honoring of their beloved works this process can be!

If a scooter is recycle ready, our donation returns are on the low end. Recycle vehicle value is determined by the scrap metal and parts that can be taken from the vehicle. A scooter does not have much left to give at the end of its driveable life.

In these circumstances, the donations can be around $100.00, in the donor’s name, to their charity of choice. We processed on such unit just last month on behalf of Ronald McDonald House Montreal!

Re-selling for charity

If I opt to donate my scooter and the ‘bike is auctioned, our free tow/pick-up service applies. This is a Donate a Car Canada sure-thing.

Once the scooter is on site with our re-sale (sometimes an auction) agent, it will be entered into the promotion process. Re-sellers may post the scooter on their website, or talk it around to always-interested buyers. Currently, COVID-19 has altered the sale-bid process. With more re-sellers/auctions moving on-line, that process is becoming more robust. You might now search, view, and bid on your hoped-for ride from the comfort of your couch.

We’ve recently processed a Piaggio Fly for over $500.00 on behalf of
The War Amps . A Honda Jazz will do the same for Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

Should I donate my scooter?

Scooter donation is a seasonal affair here at DACC: Spring and Summer are our donation windows for ‘bikes. This is simply because that’s when the buyer base is strongest, and we can ensure the strongest possible donation outcome for your charity. It’s best if the scooter is running and in good condition. This allows us to re-sell the vehicle. Again, this results in a higher return for the cause you love. Some agents (in some parts of Canada) will accept recycle-ready scooters. It’s always worth asking about!

If you’d like to enquire about your scooter, please take 10 minutes to fill in our donation form. This will give us the information we need to explore our best options for you and your charity. Simply click the button below, or give us a call at 1-877-250-4904. We’ll be happy to assist!

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