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Goodwill: Friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitudes. Our donors, charities, and at-the-ready staff are all about it!

Goodwill in Canada

Alive and well across our remarkable country, goodwill is a life practice for many Canadians. It’s a brand. It’s a state-of-affairs in the world of business:

Goodwill refers to the value a company gets from its brand, customer base and reputation associated with its intellectual property.


Just this past April, CTV News reported on a unique new shopping experience that Goodwill Industries has launched in Calgary,

Customers can get deep discounts because bins are filled with items that have been at Goodwill stores for a while – everything from clothing, household goods, sports equipment and books. Items are not sorted, so you never know what you’re going to find. Bins are put out for about 20 minutes, then anything left inside gets recycled, and new bins come out.

CTV News, Goodwill Launches New Shopping Experience

For the stuff that won’t fit in the Goodwill bins

Our live telephone line often gets calls about clothing and furniture donations. We would love to be able to support our charities by processing all such things for them!

But, we are a specialized service: we are all about goodwill in the shape of your car.

We have also been known to process motorized wheelchairs, utility trailers, and the odd garden tractor! In fact, we do manage the donation of several boats and travel trailers every year, too.

For the most part, it’s all about your van, truck, SUV, car, or motorcycle. Our coast-to-coast agents mix their own goodwill into the process! Through re-selling or recycling your vehicle we are able to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to Canadian charities each year.

Looking for ways to spread goodwill your way?

Did you know that there are thousands (thousands!) of charities in Canada? Pop over to our charities page to explore the organizations that are directly partnered with us here at Donate a Car Canada for a start. Looking for a broader list of who’s who? Check out CanadaHelps! They are an astonishingly complete resource of just how many Canadian causes there are for us all to participate in.

Find the local, country-wide, or global cause that matches your own passion. Connect with them. And then find a way to give, serve, help, or resource them. Every year there are charitable runs, walks, rolls, and swims to help raise funds for charity.

There is certainly a cause and a charity that will match you where you care the most!

Check out Vic the Vulture to learn more…

Curious to learn more about how sharing goodwill works here at Donate a Car? Check out a few of our blogs! Learn about legacy giving, or eveh how your tax receipt amount is determined!

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, too. There you will be able to keep up-to-date on posts. We love to showcase amazing donors and charities in every province in Canada!

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