Childhood Cancer Car Donation

September is childhood cancer awareness month. Your car spreads hope!

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

This September you can make a difference for Canadian kids! Donate your car, truck, van, or SUV for childhood Cancer!

Pediatric cancers are researched and treated by many Canadian charities. Other organizations are all about supporting the patient and their loved ones. Where does your own passion lie? Whatever your heart cause, there’s a charity for that!

In just a minute we’ll offer you a list of many of the Cancer charities we work alongside. First, take a minute with Childhood Cancer Canada:

Some of the charities you can help today

Curious about giving to this big big cause? You can, of course, gift any Canadian charity, and here are some to keep in mind:

Believe in the Gold

Camp Quality Canada

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs

Candlelighters Simcoe

Childcan, the Childhood Cancer Research Association

Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation

Gaby Davis Foundation

Kids Cancer Care Foundation

Kids with Cancer Society of Northern Alberta

OPACC Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer

After Breast Cancer

Alberta Cancer Foundation (Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Cross Cancer Institute)

Bladder Cancer Canada

Breast Cancer Action Ottawa

Canadian Cancer Society

CancerCare Manitoba

Cancer Assistance Program (CAP)

HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre

Kidney Cancer Canada

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Melanoma Network of Canada

Northern Cancer Foundation

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Ovarian Cancer Canada

Prevent Cancer Now-Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Prostate Cancer Foundation BC

Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation

Risky Genes Society Not tagged

Thyroid Cancer Canada

West Island Cancer Wellness Centre

Wellspring Calgary

How to donate your car for childhood cancer

Car, truck, SUV, van, and motorcycle donors raise thousands of dollars for kids’ causes every year. Your four-wheeled auction car or scrapper will make a difference!

We may recycle your car: this results in a flat-rate donation determined by what our agent will pay for the vehicle. This can earn your charity hundreds of dollars.

Whenever we can, we have our agents re-sell donated vehicles. This ensures that the charity can receive a gift of thousands of dollars if the car has that kind of value.

Whatever your cause, we are here to serve.

Whatever your vehicle, we will do all we can to assist. Scrap cars, junk cars, running-like-a-dream cars — donate a car for kids’ cancer and make a difference for the cause you love today!

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