Our Junk Cars | Caring for the Earth

Did you know? Many of our supporting towing agents are members of ARC, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. Our junk cars, in many parts of the country, are processed to meet high environmental standards. Continue reading "Our Junk Cars | Caring for the Earth" →

Wildlife Update: Vic the Vulture (Part Two)

Vic the Vulture Do you remember Vic the Vulture? You may recall his story led to Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge joining Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre on our list of causes to choose from. The good Samaritans that ensured Vic the Vulture would survive the winter have sent us a stirring update. Read on to learn where Vic is now. Continue reading "Wildlife Update: Vic the Vulture (Part Two)" →

Vic the Vulture & Why You Should Donate a Vehicle (Part One)

Donate a Vehicle 2


What do you do when you find a vulture in your garage? Good Samaritans Laura and Mark spent their Christmas season faced with just such a question. Then? Well, wait until you see what happens next... Continue reading "Vic the Vulture & Why You Should Donate a Vehicle (Part One)" →

Mood Disorders Awareness | Donate a Vehicle

Hope + Me is all about mood disorders awareness. Here's how you can engage -- for yourself, for your loved ones, and for your community!

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Donate a Car Canada | Our Team

Donate a Car Canada

Donate a Car Canada is a team of determined, funny, and feisty people! Icy roads and speed bumps are no match for this crew. Sickness? It's nothin'! We will hit the ditch in our efforts to take care of each other. No telling what we will do to tend our donors!

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Kids Help Phone – Because Kids Need to Talk Too!

kids help phoneKids Help Phone is always on call. One way to help their vision? Choose them as your Charity of Choice this month when you donate your vehicle! You can change a life. You can help a kid. Pretty simple. Continue reading "Kids Help Phone – Because Kids Need to Talk Too!" →

Cars for Epilepsy

We've extended Betsy's legacy on behalf of Epilepsy Canada!

Who is Betsy? She's a trusty 2004 Mercedes C240. You'll want to see how this beloved car did on behalf of this heartwork...

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