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Junk CarsYou’ll be happy to hear that many of our supporting towing agents are members of ARC, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. Our junk cars, in many parts of the country, are processed via the highest environmental standards.

ARC standards compel them to act as a governing body, from coast to coast. “It’s almost unbelievable, but there are some scrap operations who buy cars just to crush them and sell them for the value of the metal, allowing toxic fluids and heavy metals to escape into the soil and groundwater. They don’t recycle any usable parts and pay no regard to the damage they’re doing to the environment.” Read more details here.

Junk Cars 2Junk cars are managed differently by different companies, and one of the reasons you might see a reduction in the value of your old car at the area scrap yard is due to the costs of processing responsibly.

Scrapping junk cars: More than just rusty metal and old tires!Junk Cars 3

If these practices are important to you, contact us here today and we’ll walk you through our donation process and take that clunker off your hands!

End of life processing for junk cars can benefit not only the charity you love, but the planet you rely on. Donate your old car or truck today and make a difference!


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