Self-care, Others-care

We cannot give what we do not have. 'Sounds simple enough, right? And, if you're reading this post, you're probably someone for whom caring for others is second nature. Maybe it's even the thing you go to before any other thing?

For those of us wired to help, it feels counter-intuitive to care for Self. In fact, it feels selfish. And "selfish" is a dirty word for someone addicted to fixing and saving and helping.

When putting "me" first matters

I've recently had a dramatic change in circumstance. As my marriage of 27 years winds its way to an end, I'm facing into the practice of self management in new ways. This is uncomfortable. Foreign. Jarring. And freeing. At many points along the way I've been faced with the need to tend to the hearts of my adult sons, my loved ones, and my dear friends. I haven't always done this well. And as a fixer and helper, that is excruciating. I so wish every heart around me Happy, at Peace. And here I am: a woman causing unHappy Disruption.

Before I can give into the lives of my others, I'm learning (so-so slowly), I must tend to my own motivations. I need to listen for what I need, what is true (and what is just a story that I'm telling myself to help myself feel better). Hearing my own wishes and hopes is critical. If I follow the lead of things that give me pause and invite me to breathe deeply, how might that shift what I offer the people around me?

I find myself asking, "What if I step out of the rat race, the being driven and perfect and privileged and 'somebody'?" What if I attend to the woman I was designed to be? The girl that was before life crept and stormed and wound its way around my heart and began to squeeze the life out of her?

And if I live in such a way, what might I invite others into being for themselves? Might we all come awake together?

Drawing from a deep well

I find myself curious about what happens if I deepen the well of compassion, safety, and peace in my own life. Moreover, if I begin by offering these things to my Self, will I offer them more capably and generously to others? What will that look like? Feel like? Live like?

Thankfully, we live in a culture and time where we have access to tools and resources for this kind of exploration. Are you curious? Interested in offering yourself a kind of tenderness that may deepen your own thoughtful, planet-caring, others-caring approach to the whole of your life?

For example, a few resources that may help get us started in the exploration:

My Self Love Supply

51 Self Care Ideas

Kindness Matters

Does anything there resonate? Feel like a starting place as you continue your own path of finding the truest True? The You-est You?

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New Charities

New charities join our program each month. As a result, we have over 900 to choose from. Your vehicle donation dollars will go to the organization that matters to you.

In the beginning

Before Donate a Car Canada was launched, there was only one vehicle donation program available in Canada. Kidney Car was doing the valuable work of drawing dollars into the Kidney Foundation through car donation.

This is an important cause to any who have loved ones with Kidney disease of any kind. The charity is doing its work well. It led our founders to consider: could vehicle donation be a means of support for those who suffer from other illness? Moreover, what if we imagined beyond illness and into other forms of marginalization?

When I joined DACC in 2012 we had just over 80 charities on board. And now? Just over a decade later, we have charities seeking us out and asking to join the program. Combined with our own diligence in keeping invitation to join alive, this means hundreds of active charities are benefiting.

December's new charities

Consequently, even in our quietest season, new charities sign on to receive the monetary gifts that come from your car donation.

For example, in December, five new organizations were added to our offering:

Campbell River & District Association for Community Living
Aplastic Anemia & Myelodysplasia Association of Canada
Lennox & Addington County General Hospital Foundation
New Hope Senior Citizen's Centre
Watersheds Canada

Choice as unique as you

As you can see from the cross section of new charities added last month, the choice of charity is broad. Perhaps you'll choose by region of the country. Or, your decision can be made by personal experience of celebration or suffering. A choice may be based on interests and curiosity. Our participating charities are varied and each attend to a unique aspect of our Canadian experience.

We welcome your calls, queries, and submissions, so if you have a vehicle that is ready for donation, reach out. Our staff cover long hours to ensure that you receive donor support well into the evening, and on weekends. Our charities don't need to do anything at all! Their only responsibility, once signed on with the program, is to issue tax receipts in a timely manner. This, too, benefits you as the donor.

Ready to make your charity choice? Consider one of our newly signed organizations, or select from our 800+ long-term participants. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Canadian Hero Fund

The Canadian Hero Fund is a registered charitable organization, and our charity of the month. They are dedicated to supporting Canadian military personnel and their families. CHF was founded in 2009 by students and recent graduates at the University of Toronto. They were deeply affected by the increasing number of Canadian casualties in Afghanistan and the young families they left behind. As university students, the founders understood the benefits of post-secondary education. They felt the best way they could help these families was to provide the same opportunities to the dependents of fallen Canadian soldiers. The initial project of the Canadian Hero Fund is to provide post-secondary scholarships to the children and spouses of fallen Canadian soldiers.

As a national civilian charity, the CHF raises money through community and grassroots efforts. They act as a conduit for all Canadians to show their support and care for military families and their sacrifice. Scholarships awarded by the Fund help finance post-secondary education at government-accredited universities, colleges, and technical schools. The CHF allocated its first scholarship in the Fall of 2010.

A uniquely Canadian cause

Impacting Canadian families

"This scholarship means to me that people do realize behind every great soldier is a family. Behind every man holding a gun is a woman holding his children. And behind every casket going down the highway of heroes is the family following."

— Gale Gillam, Daughter of Sgt Craig Gillam (Afghanistan, 2006)

"I am truly grateful for what this organization is doing for me and others like myself. To me, the Canadian Hero Fund represents hope and a helping hand to those who need it."

— Milann Mitchell, Daughter of Cpt Bryan Mitchell (Moose Jaw, 2008)

"Dad always said to my Mum, "If anything ever happens to me make sure you send the boys to good school." Canadian Hero Fund has helped tremendously by providing me with financial assistance to pursue a higher education."

— Matthew Mellish, Son of WO Frank Mellish (Afghanistan, 2006)

"The Canadian Hero Fund represents something very important. It shows that what happened to our parents is not forgotten."

— Adam Naismith, Son of Cpt Kevin Naismith (Cold Lake, 2003

Canada Helps

Another way to help

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Every dollar to our charities is useful and carefully assigned. Your donated vehicle will help the CHF's efforts. We'll take care of all of the donation details. And not only that, CHF won't have to apply any more effort than what it takes to get you your tax receipt. 'Sound like the cause for you? We'll look forward to hearing from you!

5 Star Testimonials

5 start testimonials speak to the heart and soul of who we are at Donate a Car Canada. Priding ourselves on excellence in donor, charity, and agent support alike, we reach for those stars.

What donors have to say

" My service has been fantastic, everyone was very helpful the tow truck driver was here when he said he was going to be and very friendly. I am very happy I chose to donate my car to such a professional and great company. Thank you! " (Alex)

"The towing company called in a timely manner, and pickup was arranged right away. They came within the hour, as promised, and the driver was very friendly.This is an excellent service, and I have recommended it to many people who may be in a similar position to donate in the future. We are so happy we could do this to support the SPCA, and delighted the process was so seamless.Thanks again!" (Maureen)

"I received an email from Donate A Car Canada saying that they have forwarded the net sale proceeds of our 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi to The Farley Foundation in the amount of $2744.87!" (Kevin)

When things go wonky

We welcome all feedback here at Donate a Car (not all can be 5 star testimonials!). Sometimes donors misread information, and sometimes we run into a glitch in service. We take this so seriously each time it happens. And we post the unhappy testimonials right along with the happier ones.

Kelly noted, " From start to finish the service provided by Donate A Car was excellent. The process was simple and the service couldn't have been more impressive. I was only disappointed that the value of metal has dropped so much lessoning the value of the donation. As the tow truck driver pulled out I thought to call the tow company personally and compliment the professionalism of their driver, he maneuvered our narrow driveway and had everything loaded and paperwork sorted in no time. It was a real pleasure to have dealt with Donate A Car. Thank you"

Even if something more serious occurs (like a mix-up with documentation, or a complication with an estate), our DAC staff are immediate and caring in their hands-on response. Our response time with unhappy donors is same-day wherever possible, and our agents are equally supportive.

We work assertively to resolve any issues. This has ensured a long-standing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Your donation experience

'Have a vehicle that you're ready to part with? Consider donating it on behalf of a Canadian charity. 'Need a little more reassurance? Check out our testimonials page for more feedback on the process. Or, call/write in with your curiosities. We're here to assist!

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