Canadian Hero Fund

Canadian Hero Fund gives car donors a grassroots reason to give.

Canadian Hero Fund for fallen soldiers

The Canadian Hero Fund is a registered charity, and our cause of the month. They are all about supporting Canadian military personnel and their families.

CHF was founded in 2009 by students and recent graduates at the University of Toronto. They were deeply affected by the increasing number of Canadian casualties in Afghanistan and the young families they left behind. As university students, the founders understood the benefits of continuing education. They felt the best way they could help these families was to that end. They set out to provide such opportunities to the dependents of fallen Canadian soldiers. The initial project of the Canadian Hero Fund was to provide scholarships to the children and spouses of fallen soldiers.

As a national civilian charity, the CHF raises money through community and grassroots efforts. They act as a conduit for all Canadians to show their support and care for military families and their sacrifice.

A uniquely Canadian cause

Impacting Canadian families

“This scholarship means to me that people do realize behind every great soldier is a family. Behind every man holding a gun is a woman holding his children. And behind every casket going down the highway of heroes is the family following.”

— Gale Gillam, Daughter of Sgt Craig Gillam (Afghanistan, 2006)

“I am truly grateful for what this organization is doing for me and others like myself. To me, the Canadian Hero Fund represents hope and a helping hand to those who need it.”

— Milann Mitchell, Daughter of Cpt Bryan Mitchell (Moose Jaw, 2008)

“Dad always said to my Mum, “If anything ever happens to me make sure you send the boys to good school.” Canadian Hero Fund has helped tremendously by providing me with financial assistance to pursue a higher education.”

— Matthew Mellish, Son of WO Frank Mellish (Afghanistan, 2006)

“The Canadian Hero Fund represents something very important. It shows that what happened to our parents is not forgotten.”

— Adam Naismith, Son of Cpt Kevin Naismith (Cold Lake, 2003

Canada Helps

Your car, your charity of choice

Giving up an unused or unwanted car is no small thing! We love our cars. Moreover, we want to manage our money well. Like the CHF, we all want to do our part to care for legacy. The choices we make right now make a difference for generations to come. Furthermore, its important to take care of those that serve us well — including our trusty minivans and mopeds!

When you donate a car, your gift can go to any cause in Canada. It’s easy:

pick n pull

Every dollar to our charities is carefully used. Your donated car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle will help the CHF. We will take care of all of the donation details. And not only that, CHF won’t have to apply any more effort than what it takes to get you your tax receipt. ‘Sound like the cause for you? We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

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