Covenant House: A Backpack Full of Love

  Covenant House Covenant House believes that no child should be without a home. Through crisis and street outreach, combined with life skills training and in-person support, the CH meets kids where they're at to bring hurting children the safety and resources they need. Continue reading "Covenant House: A Backpack Full of Love" →

Winter Whoolies: Project Warmth Society

Project WarmthProject Warmth has their finger on the pulse of out-in-the-cold Calgarians. As we ready ourselves for some snowy roads and predictably unpredictable Canadian winter weather, it is hard to imagine what facing those chilly blasts and soaking snow falls would be like without a proper coat, or a hat to keep them at bay! Continue reading "Winter Whoolies: Project Warmth Society" →

Feels Like the North Pole – Warm up With a Free Tow!

It’s that time of year when we know the snow and cold will hit most parts of the country, but we’re always in shock and awe when it does! The weather Towoutside has definitely been frightful in our neck of the woods (Calgary), and it’s been a week of, “Baby it’s COLD outside!” followed by, “I can’t believe this weather, brrrr, we should move south!” Can you relate?  Continue reading "Feels Like the North Pole – Warm up With a Free Tow!" →

What Would YOU Do? Supporting Canada’s Homeless Shelters

Recently a homeless woman made national news by returning a purse she found with $10,000 cash in it ( In our society it generates a buzz because we homelessknow many wouldn’t do what she did, especially given her situation. As people ask, “What would YOU do,” it creates inner dialogue that many are uncomfortable with because we aren’t entirely sure what we would do. It is certainly a good reminder however, that we need to think about our values and determine ahead of time what would happen if….. Continue reading "What Would YOU Do? Supporting Canada’s Homeless Shelters" →