Tax Time: Your Donation Tax Receipt


Tax season is a busy time for Donate a Car Canada donors, charities, and supporting agents! If you are missing the tax receipt related to your 2014 (or earlier) vehicle donation through our program, connect with us via our toll free number, 1.877.250.4904, and we will reach out to your charity to have the receipt re-issued right away! Revenue Canada's website can help with many of the questions and concerns you have when filing your return this year. There you will find tips, guides, and cautions that will help with filing in your particular circumstances. Continue reading "Tax Time: Your Donation Tax Receipt" →

Canadian Charities: Something to Think About

Have you ever thought about... How much Canadians give annually to charities? In 2010 we donated over $10 billion to various charities across the globe! Where Canada fits on the world scale of how much we donate to charity? Continue reading "Canadian Charities: Something to Think About" →