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World Snake Day has just passed, and while people love their cats, dogs, and rabbits, your local Humane Society may support our often misunderstood slithery friends as well.

Though not as cuddly as their furrier buddies, snakes can make amazing pets, but are often given to the Humane Society to provide for their large size, unusual and expensive habitat and dietary needs, and sometimes standoffish disposition when people end up not as prepared for their care as they had thought.

Snakes are a major part of almost every ecosystem on earth, and have enchanted people for centuries, from the snake charmers of India to our living rooms today. They lived alongside dinosaurs 120 million years ago, and our modern snake’s ancestors included the amazing Titanoboa, who got up to 50 feet long and weighed up to a ton! Their ability to live in their environments is clearly a perfect model, remaining largely unchanged for over 56 million years.

Snake 2Despite a reputation for being unsavoury at best, dangerous at worst, snakes are intelligent animals who can solve simple puzzles, recognize and find ways to communicate with ‘their’ people, adapt to almost any space, and they each have remarkably distinct individual personalities.

Looking to support one of our most unusual house companions? Check out your local Humane Society and give a snake a break!

In honour of World Snake Day, if you would like to support a creature as old as the dinosaurs, as individual as your dog or cat, and as beautiful as any exotic bird or fish, we would invite you to consider donating your vehicle to your local Humane Society.

Please see below a list of your local humane societies that support donations to give a snake food, shelter, and the chance to show their best face for a new home:

Calgary Humane Society
Cochrane Humane Society
Edmonton Humane Society
Toronto Humane Society
Victoria Humane Society
Windsor/Essex County Humane Society


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