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Carpool Karaoke as ride-along inspiration in the middle of hard working week? Take a few minutes to let Paul and James take the wheel. And how does Canada fare in public transit? Read on.

James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke, with Paul McCartney

Carpool and Public Transit Stats in Canada

Carpool stats in Canada are strong. We may not have the happy company of a Corden, or a McCartney to speed our drive time. What we do have is some carpool grit! Canadians are quick to hoof it, or hop on their bicycles. We are eager to jump on the bus, or share a ride with a buddy.

Big city dwellers are eager to walk, cycle, carpool, and use public transit. Toronto and Vancouver commuters are particularly keen on accessing all options. Montreal’s daily travelers trail behind in carpool practice, but are more likely to choose cycling as an option.

What about smaller centres?

“Victoria had the highest proportion of commuters using sustainable transportation in 2016 (38.8%), led by its high proportion of active transportation users (16.9% overall—10.3% walked to work and 6.6% cycled). It also had the second-highest proportion of commuters using public transit (10.9%). Furthermore, Victoria’s proportions of commuters walking and
cycling to work were the highest of all CMAs.

In terms of square kilometres, the Halifax CMA is the fifth largest of all CMAs. Despite its size, when compared with the other mid-sized CMAs (in population terms), Halifax had the second-highest rate of commuters using sustainable transportation. It had the highest proportion of carpoolers (15.6%) and commuters using public transit (11.8%) and the second-highest proportion of commuters using active transportation (9.2%).

Among mid-sized CMAs, Windsor had the lowest proportion of commuters using sustainable transportation, with the lowest proportion in all three modes: public transit (3.4%), active transportation (4.3%) and carpooling (10.8%).” (StatsCan, page 7)

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