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Car rental in Canada is oddly disrupted right now. Yet another strange result of a pandemic year? Business as usual? What you need to know if you need to rent a vehicle in the months ahead…

Car rental shortages | In the news

CTV, CBC, and Global News have the nitty gritty: the economics of the pandemic resulted in down-sized fleets. In order to stay afloat while we were all locked-down, car rental companies had to shrink their stock to pay their bills.

Not only that, we’re experiencing a global silicon shortage. That means less of the stuff necessary to make computer chips. This also means new cars aren’t rolling out of the factory at their usual pace. Less production means fewer vehicles available for purchase.

Here’s more from Global:

Making your way

Finding our way around this shortage may be a costly challenge! As the dearth of vehicles holds, and demand rises, so are the costs of rentals. This can make planning your close-to-home vacation a challenge. Travelers are finding that their robust efforts to secure a vehicle fall short. This may not be the best season for car rental booking!

Ripple effects for charities

Anything that happens in the motor industry impacts charitable vehicle donation. Whether the metal market has had a bump, or is in a downward spiral, charities are impacted.

Furthermore, when the re-sale market is strong, donations are affected. Moreover, when there’s a shortage of cars, trucks, and vans, gifts to charity feel the impact.

You can help any Canadian charity you wish by donating your unused or unwanted car, truck, van, or motorcycle! When you gift your car, running or not, your chosen cause will benefit.

This happens in a few different ways. We have options to re-sell (via our regional agents), auction, or recycle your vehicle. Regional agents help us choose the best method as it does vary from province to province. Once your vehicle is processed, the net monies are sent to your chosen charity. After that, your organization will send you a tax receipt for your gift!

Ready to give in this unique way? We’re here to assist! Just click here…

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