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Car donations Canada — are you ready for your hard working Toyota or limping-along Pathfinder to go for her last trip? Maybe you’re ready to see her taken off the drive-way, however, not quite ready to see her just crushed and left in a heap at the scrap yard?
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Car donations Canada wide are one option. For detailed information on what your options are in our vast land, you can call in to us at 1-877-250-4904. Exploring our website a little more will help, too!

Some of us are not ready for our donated vehicles to be taken off the road. For one of our donors it was the sounds the ol’ Dodge van made. The engine’s hum let his dog know that his master was driving up onto the yard. That van made many trips to chemo. After beating Cancer not once, but twice, our guy had a sense of gratitude to those four wheels. The sturdy metal got him through some tough times. His van donation resulted in a gift to a charity that had walked alongside him right through those same times. Kidney Cancer Canada was a happy recipient!

So, it’s personal…even emotional

As with our Dodge donor, when our cars are ready for their last trek, a drop-off at the scrap yard just won’t do. We want to see our trusty vehicle continue to serve someone, somehow. It may have become too costly or too cumbersome a thing for our own circumstance. Yet, we can’t bear to see it just get carted off without a little added dignity. We want to see it receive its due respect.

Bravely honouring loved ones is another way of making a gift count. A Toronto donor didn’t beat around the bush, “Give it to Lung Cancer – the disease killed my wife.” These cryptic messages can be tough to read (our hearts break a little with every one), but they speak happy volumes when we’re able to send off a gift to the Lung Association after the successful processing of a Chrysler Intrepid sale! 

There are over 900 charities receiving gifts through our program. We perform the work for them so that your donation dollars go to the cause you care about. Charities are not left processing cars or working on re-sale. They simply wait for your gift to come in the mail and send you the tax receipt. For your part, the tow is free and we will make all arrangements (for both recycling and re-sale) on your behalf.

Sometimes, a quick trip to the junkyard is all we’re looking for, but sometimes the thought of the scrapper being the next stop just doesn’t seem a fitting end for our faithful old vehicle. With hundreds of charities to choose from, you can feel sure of the ongoing and helpful impact of your donation-ready car or truck. Ready to Donate Now?

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