Auto Auctions | Donated vehicles mean big dollars for your charity of choice!

Auto auctions across Canada result in donated cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and SUVs earning big for thousands of charities!

Vehicle not scrap-ready? Auto auctions set the stage for re-sale

Every donated vehicle is considered on its own merits. We do not make assumptions about your 2005 Honda Civic. Nor do we presume to know the condition of your collector car. We do rely on strong donor notes. Tell us everything you would like us to know about your four-wheeled treasure!

Rust? Let us know. Running, stalling, limping along? We want to hear about it. Still revving strong with miles left in ‘er? Tell us. Your details guide our agent assignments, so loop us in!

Whenever possible we process vehicles through re-sale via private agents, or through auto auctions.

What happens at our vehicle donation auto auctions?

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The auto auctions we love

Donate a Car Canada is closely connected to auction houses in major Canadian cities. These supporting auto auctions work HARD for vehicle donors! First, they give you the initial call to arrange towing. Next, they get your driveable donation picked up. Then, it’s all vehicle promo, sale day, and beyond. These agents have savvy and care in abundance!

With that in mind, we want to shine a little spotlight on our Vancouver Island auction agent. Stuart and his crews are just tops in response time, pick-up timing, caring for donated vehicles, and getting hearty sale outcomes for hundreds of charities every year.

The name of this remarkable agent? Drumroll, please…..

Jett Wholesale Public Auto Auction in Parksville, BC!

Here are just a few of the fabulous donations they’ve facilitated in the past couple of months:

Lillian’s Santa Fe earned $19,862.60 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The donor noted, “Everyone has been very friendly and efficient. It is nice to speak with a person on the phone instead of recordings.”

$1463.22 for the BC SPCA (Thank you for donating your Hyundai Tucson, Michel!)

$969.57 for the Victoria Cool Aid Society (A generous Nissan Versa gift, Kristina!)

Allan’s Honda Element raised $11,197.32 for Our Place Society.

Clayton donated a Pontiac Grand Prix that auctioned for a $1001.07 for his church lunch program.

BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund was gifted $6126.00 thanks to Danila’s donated ’91 Nissan Pathfinder! The donor wrote to say, “We are so happy that it sold and that it made some money for the BC Burn
Fund, a charity we are very happy to help with.”

$1098.30 for The Knowledge Network thanks to Tom donating his Honda Civic. And at that very same sale, for the same charity? Mary’s Rav4 raised a $6818.10 donation!

How do we decide?

Scrap yards? Or auto auctions? Who gets to process your donated vehicle, and why?

Donate A Car Canada has three possible sale procedures that maximize the donation outcome for our charities:

1) If your vehicle is selected for our recycle process, the donation amount for a vehicle can be between is dependent on the area in which it is donated, and what the market will pay for the year/make/model. The vehicle will be picked up by our towing agent at no cost to you.

2) Your vehicle may be considered for sale at auction. Several factors go into qualifying a vehicle for auction. These include, but are not limited to, drivability, type of mechanical problems (if any), age, damage, visual appearance, and mileage.
Vehicles sold at auction are sold ‘as is’ and ‘unreserved’. They are sold to the highest bidder, as a full and final sale. For that reason, outcome at auction varies. As such, we cannot guarantee a specific sale result.

3) Our third option applies to vehicles that may not perform well at auction, but that are not ready for recycling. Our re-sale/recycle process will see our agent pick up your vehicle for free. Once they have it on their yard they will assess it to determine if it should be re-sold or recycled. This will be based on the current market. If they see re-sale value in your vehicle, they will advertise it to their own buyer base, selling it as-is, to the highest bidder. Then, they will send us the net proceeds from the re-sale price. If they determine that they will not find interested buyers, they will recycle your car.

Your vehicle, your province, your agents

Jett Auction is our go-to on Vancouver Island, but we can serve you right in your back yard! If you’re ready to donate a vehicle, you are just a click, a call, and some emails away from helping the charity you love.

The first step: Click the red button below.

Then, fill in our online donation form (this will take just a few minutes).

After that? Just wait for your tow agent to call to set up your free tow.

And then sit back and wait for your tax receipt! It will land in your inbox in the month following the successful re-sale or recycling of your donated vehicle.

pick n pull

We can’t wait to serve you and the charity you care about!

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