Transportation & Donation

We get pretty darn excited when the wheels of transportation and donation align! Volunteer drivers are a special part of keeping things moving for the charity you love.

Transportation services and the cause you care about

Just last week we were reminded of a special group of volunteers in Canada: volunteer drivers. As #NationalVolunteerAppreciationWeek was celebrated across the country, we gave these folks some special attention.

In fact, in one day alone, we saw social media post for three different charities:

Carefor Community Services

Canadian Red Cross

ALS Society of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Take a peep at our socials on Face Book to see how these charities are recognizing the value of volunteer-driven transportation.

Others are brought to mind, too: Meals on Wheels may be serving up lunch in your community? Boys & Girls Clubs and other youth-focused charities often need volunteer support in the shape of hands on the steering wheel. To name just a very few. Find our charities list, or visit CanadaHelps to explore more places being served in this unique way.

Generosity in the shape of a big ol’ cube van

Transportation by donation often comes in the shape of a moving truck! Anywhere Gifts-In-Kind are collected or distributed, there need to be wheels on the ground. Shipping everything from clothing to cookware to countertops — your local charity-based second hand shop or Habitat For Humanity depot are relying on diligent drivers.

The transportation of YOUR donation

Around here, transportation is always free to the donor! Our agents are not able to donate their time. They need to keep the lights on and fuel in the tank. They move donated vehicles through rain, hail, sleet, and muck! A paycheck is pretty important to keeping those engines in motion. But to you? There is no cost for tow or hiker service when you donate a vehicle.

What about registration and insurance? Simple: send the original registration document with the vehicle (we’ll send you robust notes on this process). Feel free to cancel your insurance once the donation is in the works. No insurance on the vehicle at all? No problem! As long as you have the legal right to the car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle you are donating, it does not need to be insured at the time of donation.

Your free tow will likely happen within 3 – 5 business days of the time of donation. If you’re in a bit of rush, then your agent may be able to help. We often see same-day or next-day tows. And if you need more time, then your supporting agent will work with you to choose the day and time that suit you best.

You’re ready to donate! Simply click the big red button and fill in on the online donation form. Or, if you prefer to talk to a real person (who will happen to be a cheerful, useful sort of human), call in to 1-877-250-4904. Then, wait for the phone to ring. Your agent will call to set up that tow. Lastly, wait for your tax receipt to arrive in your inbox. Simple. Quick. Free.

We are excited to work with you in supporting your charity of choice!

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