A Different Kind of Marching Orders – The Salvation Army

Looking for inspiration and a hearty reminder that there is goodness in the world? The Salvation ArmySalvation Army have been serving with practical compassion for 133 years! They have hope to share and the vehicle donors that care about the work of the SA are as diverse as the programs the organization has to offer.

The Salvation Army – Car donors’ heartwork

Doing a work like the Salvation Army justice with words is hard to do — their reach is long and their impact true. They are all about love in action with “hearts to God, and hands to man!” A visit to their website will show the scope of their work as they reach toward suffering, provide counselling, aid in disaster relief, and fill hungry bellies.

Hope Stories inspire, and their Youtube channel compels to action. Our vehicle donors would agree! Many select the Salvation Army as their charity of choice when gifting a car or truck.

Donated ’72 Chevelle Raises Big Dollars

Salvation Army 2One of our donors donated his 1972 Chevelle. She was pretty rusted out underneath and the engine had seen a bit of weather. That didn’t stop auction buyers! They gave the car more than a second glance and a gift of $1400.00 went to the charity as a result!

Where does your compassion steer you? Toward a donation? Providing work for ready hands, offering mental health support, or just extending a hand up? The Salvation Army has opportunity for you. Your heart, your hands, their direction. Big impact!

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