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Thank you for entrusting us with a 5th vehicle through our program! We are so very appreciative of your generosity!”

~ Carolyne, DAC Donor Support ~

Since 2012, Mr. Stiksma and his family have been quietly popping up in our new donation notifications. One vehicle after another, they have given gifts to charities that they love! They are sharing the vehicles that have served them well.

Make-a-Wish Gifts

It all started in 2012 with an Explorer that was ready for the scrapper. Of little sentimental value to the Stiksma’s, the SUV was the first of their vehicles to spread cheer to the Make-a-Wish-Foundation. From that humble beginning the family would go on to give more gifts. A truck, a sporty car, a minivan, and…well…an “old man car.”

Henry’s first truck, a ’91 Ford Ranger, was a favorite, but when she gave her last gasp — in the middle of a city intersection — it was time for her contribution¬†to change from rubber on asphalt to donation dollars. Gift #2 for the kids at Make-a-Wish.

The charity was a natural fit for the Stiksma’s as Henry’s wife is a teacher. One of the students in her school was on the list of recipients for Make-a-Wish. The family wanted to contribute — to the tune of two different car donations in just one year!

Multiple Gifts & Models, Multiplied Generosity

The family minivan proved to be a trusty workhorse. For over 300,000 kms it ferried 4 children and their friends to soccer games and volleyball practice. They drove that Montana right into ¬†2o14 until it couldn’t go another kilometer. It’s last ride was, you guessed it, on behalf of the children at Make-a-Wish!

Not to be outdone, Henry’s Ranger-replacement, a ’99 Sunfire, chugged along efficiently until it could chug no more. The kids at the Stiksma’s favorite charity benefited again!

Which brings us to the donation of the day, Henry’s beloved ’03 Buick Century. He’s taken some ribbing from his kiddos about his “old man car,” but with a ride so comfortable, he hasn’t been too worried about a little slight fromGifts 2 time to time. She’ll go up for sale via a re-sale agent in Edmonton (we’re hoping to see a return a little higher than we’re able to see through recycling in this hurtin’ economy), and the net proceeds from that sale will benefit…the Autism Society of Edmonton! As several of the family’s loved ones have been touched by Autism, they opted for a change-up on this 5th (yes, 5th!) vehicle gift.

Mr. Stiksma and his family have shared their beautiful spirit with us again and again. We are tickled to be part of the process as they so generously make their world a more hopeful and joy-filled place! Every gift is important. Not every family can give one of every kind of vehicle there is, but your one donation will be a source of goodness, no matter what category it fits in!
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