Tax Time

Tax time is here in Canada. Maybe you find yourself with time to spare. Your taxes are filed and you’re already looking ahead to summertime ease? Or, with a world on the wobble, you may be feeling the strain of this additional task? Here’s some help!

Tax time help right from the CRA

Here’s some clear direction from Canada Revenue Agency:

Get ready to do your taxes

Find out what’s new for 2020 and your filing and payment due dates, gather your documents to report income and claim deductions, and choose how you want to file and send your completed tax return to the CRA.

Understand your rights as a taxpayer and who should file a tax return.

Steps to get ready for 2020 taxes

  • Find out what’s new
  • Be aware of key dates for 2020 taxesFiling and payment due dates for taxes, contributions, instalment payments, and any amounts you may oweFiling dates for 2020 taxes
    • Apr 30, 2021: Deadline to file your taxes
    • Jun 15, 2021: Deadline to file your taxes if you or your spouse or common-law partner are self-employedPayment date for 2020 taxes
    • Apr 30, 2021: Deadline to pay your taxes

Stay with us…we know this is a lot!

  • Know what to report and claim
    • Report your incomeWhat to report as income, including COVID-19 benefits, self-employment income, foreign investments, assets, or other earnings
    • Claim deductions, credits, and expensesFind tax deductions, credits, and expenses such as home office expenses for employees to reduce your tax owing
    • Get your tax slipsUnderstand your tax slips like T4 and T4A, when you will receive them, and how to get copies
  • Keep your CRA information up-to-date
  • Find a way to file your taxesFile your taxes online or by paper, or find other options to have someone else complete them for you:
    • Certified tax software (electronic filing)
    • Authorize a representative
    • Community volunteer tax clinic
    • Discounter (tax preparer)
    • Paper tax return
    • Automated phone line (File my Return)
  • Send us your completed tax returnFile your tax return electronically or send your completed tax return by mail
  • Make a payment or wait for your refund
  • Review:After you file your tax returnGet your notice of assessment, find out the status of your refund, or make a change to your tax return

Donate a Car Canada tax receipts at tax time

If you donated your vehicle through our program in 2020, now is the time to claim that gift. Ready to file, but you’ve misplaced your tax time receipt? No problem!

Just email us requesting that we follow-up with the charity. We’ll send a request to have the send you a new copy (by email and regular mail).

And you can go right ahead and file without the receipt: tax receipts can be claimed for several years following a donation. If you don’t get it in the file this year, you can use it next year instead.

Make a donation to claim next year!

If you would like to go ahead with a vehicle donation, it’s an easy 1 – 2 – 3 step process. Free tow included! Click the button below, or call in to 1-877-250-4904 and we’ll have you set up for donation within 15 minutes or less!

You are also invited to contact and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! From there, you’ll be able to keep up to date on our program as well as see posts that showcase our amazing donors and charities across the country!

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