Make a Wish Foundation: Winter Donor Warms Hearts

Winter has really shown all of her stripes this season and blanketed our country with snow, more snow, even more snow, ridiculous amounts of snow, and for good measure ice rain, hail, and even snow-thunder and frost quakes in some areas!  Can you find the car hidden in the photo? A photo like this one came to us from Mr. Tonnelly, one of our generous Ontario donors!make a wish foundation   Continue reading "Make a Wish Foundation: Winter Donor Warms Hearts" →

And So This is Christmas

…And so this is Christmas. Another year over. As we take time this holiday season to reflect on all that has happened this past year, we are ever mindful and grateful for all those generous hearts who have donated their vehicles to make a difference for the 200+ charities we support. From the Calgary Floods to Chris Hadfield’s outer space experience, it has been a year that Canadians have shown their true colours in spades. Continue reading "And So This is Christmas" →