Keeping it Green in the Recycling Industry

RecyclingDonate a Car Canada is working hard to connect with ‘green’ recyclers in the Canadian auto recycling industry.

It is becoming more and more prevalent to ensure vehicles are disposed of properly. There is a lot of controversy around carbon footprints. What is left behind when a vehicle is no longer drivable? Moreover, what about the carbon footprint left behind in the manufacturing of our cars and trucks?

Recycling is all about stewardship

The truth of the matter is we need to increase awareness. Let’s take whatever recycling action we can! For us, that means we assist in the proper removal and disposal methods available to us.

We believe Donate A Car Canada has a role and responsibility when a vehicle is submitted for donation. It is our best effort to work with agents across the country that have a similar mindset. We understand that it is a costly process for scrap yards/auto wreckers to engage in. Furthermore, not all agents are in a position to make the recycling transition as of yet.

In the words of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, “Recyclers purchase end-of-life and accidented vehicles, and ensure that all vehicles are retired in an environmentally sound manner. They spend significant resources to build and maintain facilities specially designed to capture and store harmful materials, keeping them from contaminating soil and groundwater.”

When a vehicle is properly discarded, up to 85% of parts can be recycled for other uses! This typically means recycled steel manufacturing. Proper disposal of gasoline, oil products, or anti-freeze helps! These agents prevent waste from seeping into the ground. That eliminates contamination that can cause harm both to the environment and to the soil long term.

Who is behind the wheel on recycling?

One of our key agents has been instrumental in pursuing and generating change in the industry. As president of the Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association he helps the cause. He is also on the Board with the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. As you will see in this interview, Steve Cox from Allwest Auto Parts in Edmonton, Alberta, is passionate about his work! See the difference he and his staff are making for our environment and future generations! We are proud to be affiliated with his organization. 

Please visit any one of these websites for more information on environmentally responsible processes for your vehicle:

Automotive Recyclers of Canada

Alberta Automotive Recylers & Dismantlers Association

Automotive Recyclers Association

Ready for a little four-wheeled recycling of your own?

You are less than 10 minutes away from your free tow! Go ahead! Donate your unused or unwanted car, truck, van, or SUV. The charity you love will benefit. Your driveway will be all the happier! And, on top of it all, we will work together to tend our earth.

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