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It’s Heart Awareness Month. What a perfect opportunity to draw attention to some of our charities who focus on heart health, and to express appreciation to our donors who recognize the value in donating funds in an often overlooked manner.

According to the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian baby boomers are at risk of living out their last 10 years in sickness and disability (read article here).

If you pause to consider that, it is an astounding statistic. Ten years is equal to 120 months or 520 weeks or 3,650 days…or 87,600 hours.  Would you agree that there is a lot of life to be lived in that time frame? Things to do, places to go, people to see? It’s certainly worth taking a look at.

Even though we’re outlasting previous generations in the number of years we live, living those extra years in health and wellness instead of with debilitating diseases, would be a fantastic way for every one of us to live out our golden years. Our health system is overloaded and understaffed. Families are in distress. Individuals are in pain and suffering. Wouldn’t it be great if all of us took a few minutes to evaluate our lifestyles and take steps towards change and making healthier choices?

Donate A Car Canada is honoured to support charities like the Heart & Stroke Foundation, knowing that research and resources are making a difference in lives across our nation. When you donate your vehicle to one of our charities of choice, you become part of the solution. Dollars matter – every dollar.

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Some of our charities who benefit from your generosity:

Heart & Stroke Foundation

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care

Canadian Transplant Society

Chinook Regional Hospital (Lethbridge)

Hospice Calgary Society

Seniors Healthy Aging Resource Environment

For our full charities listing, click here

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