Impounded vehicle? Donate it!

The cost and frustration of an impounded vehicle — it’s a lot to take! Is there anything redeemable about the reclamation process? We think there just might be!

Impounded vehicle| From frustration to donation

We get it. Circumstances hit hard, and you couldn’t get your vehicle moved in time. Maybe your old car just took it’s last ride and ended up in a dicey spot. Perhaps insurance lapsed on that trusty Ford and the neighbour got a bit impatient with the slow leak in those tires. Whatever the complication, an impounded vehicle is zero fun. Zero fun, and uncomfortably high numbers otherwise!

Getting the call to let you know that your chariot has been stabled at the local police lot is not a great moment.

And it’s a hit to the pocket book, too! You might find yourself billed anywhere from $70.00 – $200.00 for the initial impound. Then? Watch out! You’ll get dinged with another $50.00 or more for every day the vehicle goes unclaimed.

Sadly, we can’t cover those impound fees. That’s on you, unfortunately, but once they’re paid up, we can turn your vehicle into a cool cash donation for whatever charity you choose. You can turn that gut-punch moment into a bonus for the cause you care about!

The good you do | Investing in your charity of choice

Did you know that any charity in Canada is able to accept vehicle donations? The process is simple, quick, and free for charity and donor alike.

Every year, thousands of dollars are raised through impounded vehicle donation. Who is the beneficiary? There are so many! Kids, critters, and hospital foundations. Women in need, food banks, and vulnerable youth. Immigrant services, health charities (heart health, diabetes, cancer, and more), and human rights charities. You name the charity; your donated steel on wheels is going to make a difference! Your car, your choice.

Just pay up those gnarly fees and turn a costly inconvenience into a gift for the cause you care about. If we are able to serve in your impound area, there will be no added charges for the tow out of the impound lot.

How this works

In some major centres like Edmonton and Calgary, this is easy peasy! Donate a Car Canada has made arrangements with EPS and CPA for you to simply donate your impounded vehicle right from their front desk. So, when you go to pay your fees, you can opt to donate the vehicle on the spot. There is no need for you to fill in our online donation form as the parking authority and ourselves will manage all of the donation paperwork for you.

If you are located elsewhere in Canada, let us know! Call in to 1-877-250-4904, or fill in our on line form. Be sure to let us know your special circumstance. Then, we’ll do all we can to ensure things move from furiosity to generosity!

Thank you for the privilege of working with you on behalf of the cause you love — even in frustrating moments!

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