Icy Roads | Slip-Sliding Our Way Into Winter

Icy roads getting you nowhere fast? December is welcoming winter in true Canadian fashion! Take a look at this video coverage of how our Montreal and BC folks are faring:

Bossy roads

Feisty weather

This driver’s commute shows the steadily worsening conditions as they make their way along icy roads through Vancouver’s streets…

Winter tires make a difference on icy roads

Winter is settling in. If winter tires are an option for you, this might be the year to make that investment? Having navigated almost 30 winters (as a vehicle owner) without winter tires, my husband and I opted to make a change this winter. With promises of the coldest winter in recent history coming to North America, we thought it may be a wise addition to our light-weight car.

The difference in control on treacherous, icy roads is marked. I am not a nervous driver in in-climate weather, and traction control has always handily corrected my…er…assertiveness. With winter tires? No need. The tires are doing the work for me. They are also giving me confidence in the many encounters we have with drivers who may be more anxious.

Whatever winter driving adventures await, we wish you and yours safe travel through the Christmas Month!

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