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Fundraising, philanthropy, community engagement and your charity. Do your donors know they can donate a vehicle to your work? Do they know that this is a key aspect of estate/legacy giving?

Not your everyday fundraising experience

Every year, charities across Canada receive thousands of donation dollars through vehicle donation. If your donors don’t know about this way of supporting you, yet, now is the time to spread the word!

Visit our socials and Google reviews. The donor stories say it all! Donating a vehicle to your charity is quick, simple, and so friendly.

Your donors can expect to be served promptly and capably. Whether they reach out by phone or online, they will encounter caring staff. Our team is savvy to our the unique needs of vehicle donation.

Your unique donor, their personalized experience

Vehicle donation is a big decision. Donors make the choice to give to their charities in this way for many reasons. Some simple reasons. Often times? They are donating from a deeply personal, and sometimes emotional, place.

We care about their story and their gift as much as you do. That’s why they are guaranteed charity of choice. If you are the charity they love, the gift should get to you.

How much does vehicle donation fundraising cost?

There is no cost to you (the charity), or to your donor when a car is donated.

You read that right. Zero dollars. No charge! Even the donor’s tow is free!

Your investment as a charity is going to be twofold:

  1. Get set up in our system so that your donor’s see you on our drop-down list at the time of donation. Visit us via our “Fundraising” tab on our ‘site. You are a few steps away from having this all set up!
  2. Share, share, share this opportunity with your donors. If they don’t know they can donate you their vehicle they won’t. So, be sure your charity and Donate a Car Canada are linked-up on your website. Charities that promote car donation receive car donations. Simple!

We make step 2 very easy for your organization. We have links all prepared. You will even receive digital materials that you can simply click-copy-paste to your socials and your website. These are all colour-matched to your charity.

My charity is ready to roll! What now?

If one of your donors is already asking about how to donate a car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle to your work, they can just go right ahead. We have a system in place for donors who are giving a vehicle to a charity that is not yet on our list.

As a charity, you can set things in motion in one of two ways,

  1. Call in to 1-877-250-4904 and ask to chat with our charities coordinator. They will be happy to walk you through the process.
  2. Or, simply visit us via our “Fundraising” tab on our ‘site. That will connect you to a bit of necessary paperwork and explain many of the details of this process. You can take the documents you find there to your fundraising crew, your board, or whomever you wish.

We are so excited to work alongside your charity in this way!

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