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Your “Donate” car (around here that’s short for, “DAC car,” or “Donate a Car Canada car”) will be a source of support to the Canadian charity of your choice. Through resale and recycling, your gift will provide a monetary donation, making you part of the steady-on impact of everyday Canadians affecting extraordinary change.

Earlier this month we had the privilege of seeing a ‘98 Frontier (with the mileage to show for its 17 years) bring in a donation of almost $2000.00 for Balding for Dollars. Yet another gentleman, wanting to support a neighbor whose children were both impacted by a debilitating disease, saw his gift of $341.00 sent off to the charity that aided in their journey.

With global relief efforts on all of our minds, we’re always grateful to see folks choose the Canadian Red Cross for their own “Donate” car. One donor will see an impact of $3943.25 in their single gift!

Your Donate car has local and world-wide impact…

Global markets have a direct effect on gift amounts resulting from your Donate car. We appreciate that one of the values we provide through our service is employment of recycle and re-sale agents Canada-wide. When the metal market is low, donation outcomes reflect that as our supporting agents are all working hard to keep their businesses running in community-enhancing ways. We know that our agents need to cover costs even when metal values dip, so we remain flexible in adjusting donation values. The goal? ‘Get the highest dollar to the charity that we can while also ensuring that partnering with our program continues to well for donors and agents.

Your Donate car, most generously, results in a gift to the charity of your choosing. It will also have a direct impact on local business and the environment as your area agent is provided business, and your used vehicle is either recycled, or resold for continued use. Thank you for considering Donate a Car Canada for your contribution!

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