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Ask any of our team here at Donate a Car Canada and we’ll tell you, we have the best job in the country! Working for a small company that’s making a big difference is a great reason to jump online every day. 364 days of the year, day or night, we’re here to help you help the cause you love.

And we’re not the only company that puts heart right out front in our generous country! Airlines, banks, clothing chains, and grocery stores — so many of our industry leaders make a habit of adding value to the lives of Canadian citizens through corporate giving.

Imagine Canada’s website (Research About Corporate Giving, Key Findings) gives a bit of perspective on how some companies approach giving within their own frameworks:

    • 50% of all businesses agree that businesses and nonprofits can mutually benefit from a collaborative relationship to contribute to their communities
    • Retail trade companies are the most likely to donate good or products (77%)
    • 97% of large businesses support the community through cash donations, compared to only 76% of all businesses
    • Social service and health (excluding hospital) organizations are the most likely to receive funding from any business in Canada (66% of all businesses support these types of organizations)
    • Large corporations are more likely than the rest of the business community to do sponsorship and cause marketing (63% of large businesses vs. 17% of all businesses)
    • Real estate and leasing companies are the most likely to make sponsorships to charities and non-profit organizations (21%)
    • Wholesale trade companies are the most likely to purchase from charities and non-profit organizations (19%)
  • 82% of all businesses agree that it’s very or somewhat important to contribute to the community because it’s a good thing to do, irrespective of the financial returns to the company.  (source:  Business Contributions to Community (BCTC), Imagine Canada. 2007)

The cause you care about may be directly impacted by the places that you do business on a regular basis, and your own extension of generosity can show up in unexpected ways.

Westjet Exemplifies Corporate Giving

You may have seen some of Westjet’s heartwarming Christmas commercials over the years, but did you know they make a practice of supporting Boys and Girls Club of Canada and the Make-a-Wish Foundation? As we give a nod to companies across Canada who make corporate giving their ongoing Valentine to our great country, take a look at one of the companies that does it with creative joy…

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