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Canadian car donations help charities, donors, and the environment. With just a handful of reputable programs across the country, vehicle donors have a simple choice. If choice of charity, a timely free tow, and seeing a monetary gift for your organization are your priorities, we will serve you with excellence!

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Just this morning our company head forwarded our giving-focused team two separate letters of thanks. CancerCare Manitoba, and the Calgary Food Bank both reached out with personalized gratitude for the five-digit donations they received through car donors in 2020. They are just two of hundreds of happy charities!

It is also the weekly norm for us to receive a 5 star review on Google. There, donors helpfully provide feedback about the service they received.

Charity and donor care are our heart work here at Donate a Car Canada. Every donation dollar counts for boots-on-the-ground Canadian causes. Each vehicle has its own merits. And the donors behind those gifts receive personalized care.

This individualized care comes with unique parameters coast to coast.

Re-selling donated cars

Re-sale is one of our options for Canadian car donations. Every vehicle is assessed on its own merit. If a car/truck/motorcycle is less than 10 years old and in good running condition we aim to sell it to the highest bidder. This happens via our regional agents.

That means that your donated vehicle will be assigned to an agent near you. This generates business in your part of Canada. Our experienced agents reach out to area buyers to let them know what they have available on their lots. They have their eyes on your prize and know how to price and sell. And we’ve partnered with them for a reason: they care about Canadian charities, too!

Recycling Canadian car donations

Many Canadian car donations are recycle-ready. A big impact on these donated cars? Salty roads. This is especially true in Ontario. Keeping Eastern drivers safe can mean that their chariots get rusted right out from underneath them.

For example, this means that a typical Mazda in Ontario isn’t likely to stay on the road for more than 10 years. This can mean an assignment to the recycle process. On the other hand, a rust-proofed and cared-for ride may bring in thousands of dollars through re-sale.

As with our re-sale process, agents individually assess recycle-ready vehicles. Our donations returns on these cars is dependent on what the current market dictates. This dollar outcome adjusts with the market.


Just as salt is an issue out East, mold is unique to the Maritimes and BC. If you live on either end of our great country, you know that moisture gets into our cars. There it takes on a life all its own! This is no problem for our recyclers. A free tow and a market-reflective dollar outcome are still available for you and your charity.

Collisions resulting from icy prairie roads can result in some dented metal. Wishing all drivers safe, we can easily process damaged vehicles on behalf of charity.

So, who are you again?

We are not Canada’s most visible car donation program. Here, you’ve found Donate a Car Canada.

A donor and I had an email conversation about this just yesterday evening. Giving generously on behalf of Crohn’s and Colitis the donor wondered about our advertising efforts compared to other car donation programs.

One of the ways we keep our overhead (very!) low is by operating as an on-line entity. We rely on word-of-mouth and internet searching for our donations. This ensures that we’re not investing dollars into marketing that could be going directly to our hundreds of receiving charities. So, if you’ve seen a TV ad, that’s not us!

How ever you have found us, your vehicle can contribute to the charity of your choice. If you’d like to learn more, jump to our Contact Us page. You’ll see our toll-free number there. Call us during business hours, MST, Monday to Friday! Just as easy? Send us your questions via email — we typically respond within a couple of hours (unless you’ve caught us in the middle of the night…we do need to take a nap from time-to-time). We’re looking forward to working alongside you on behalf of the cause you love!

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