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Cadillac donations bring yearly donations of hundreds of dollars to dozens of Canadian charities! Since August, we have seen gifts for animal charities, illness-related causes, and children’s hospitals.

How much do Cadillac donations raise?

Donated vehicles are not all valued equally. The year, make, model, and condition of a car or truck affects the donation outcome. The region of Canada from which is is donated also affects the dollar amount. This flexibility in process and region means we’re not restricted to one set donation outcome!

Cadillac donations often raise donations over $500.00. If the car is recycled, the donation outcome can be anywhere up to $300.00, depending on the factors noted above.

Who (actually) gets my gift money?

A quick glance at our donations since August shows just how diverse Canadian Cadillac donations are!

Each vehicle donor is provided clear communication about how their donated car or truck will be processed. The full net proceeds of their vehicle donation are forwarded to their charity of choice.

There is no trickery here. Donate a Car Canada is a small Alberta business. For that reason, we do take fees for each donated vehicle. Our company operates on a lean budget. Morever, we have functioned as a work-from-home business long before that was a COVID necessity. It saves on many costs to do so. For this reason, and others, we keep our own costs to a minimum.

Here are a few of the charities we’ve helped since this summer:

Arthritis Society

Knowledge Network Corporation

Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Salvation Army

Is it really worth it for me?

The charities noted above received gifts of between $85.00 up to over $9,000.00 from the cars donated here. That is, the Cadillac donations resulted in $85.00, $500.00+, $800.00+, $9,000.00+, etc.

As you consider the cause you care about, you can appreciate that these dollars add up quickly! Because we offer both recycling and re-sale, Donate a Car Canada is not restricted to a set donation outcome. Your Cadillac is uniquely valued at the time of donation. This is managed by agents well-versed in the current market. These agents have regional buyer bases. Furthermore, they have ‘vested interest in seeing strong donation outcomes.

I’m ready to donate!

The donation process is easy and quick. It will be managed either in person (over the phone), or via our online donation form. Either way, you’ll spend less than 10 minutes submitting your vehicle particulars. Once we have those details it gets even easier! We do all of the necessary work of finding your tow support. Or, if you prefer, we’ll inform you of drop-off options nearest you. Our agents take it from there!

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