Youth Unlimited | 6 Years In This Together!

Youth Unlimited Edmonton has shared a bit of their experience in caring for Canada's youth. Donate a Car Canada has been privileged to work alongside them for the past six years. Here's a blog post they shared this week...

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End Exploitation | Your vehicle & awareness

This month we are mindful of several social justice concerns:

Sexual Violence Awareness

Sexual Exploitation Awareness

PTSD Awareness

Victims And Survivors

No More Stolen Sisters



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Mechanics | Gettin’ it done so we can keep rollin’

Vehicle mechanics are key to the vehicle donation process. Donate a Car Canada is grateful to the dozens of honest and generous crews that serve with us. In every province, every day, there are admin teams, tow guys, and fix-it professionals that ensure the highest donation outcomes possible for any charity in Canada!

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How Much is My Car Donation Tax Receipt?

"How much is my tax receipt?" is top of the list for donor queries here. Donate a Car Canada is unique in its process. We work to serve! Donors and their chosen charities are Priority One. We also seek to serve our communities and their business owners. We do this by employing a process that is fair to all.

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