Cancer, Cars, and Caring Canadians

Every donated vehicle has a story. For many donors, Cancer (so unwelcome, so far reaching in impact) is the motivation for BIG generosity!

Caring and cars come together for Cancer

Cancer research and care is cause of choice for hundreds of Canadian vehicle donors.

This donation has been made in loving memory of this Donor’s late wife who had breast cancer and passed away last year. She was very grateful to the doctors, nurses and those who offered help and courage to her, especially, the nurses in Foothills Hospital. They’ve chosen to donate her car so that it may do a little bit help for others who are struggling with their diseases. They want to show their thankfulness and appreciation to those who helped, and keep the caring and love moving in our society.

~ Sebring donor for the Alberta Cancer Foundation

Not long after we received this donation message, a Manitoba resident reached out. An ’05 Pontiac Grand Am had been abandoned on their property. Could they donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society? A few T’s crossed and a couple of i’s dotted later, and Yes! A free tow was in place for the property owner and a donation on its way to the CCS!

BC Cancer charity donor says it all

One Pontiac donor wrote in to say,

I definitely found the donation of my car experience to be very positive

and I am already recommending it to others. The process was very efficient

and quick. The Online form was easy to understand and complete and upon

submitting it, I received an email response very quickly, which clearly

outlined the process.

She then says,

Within a day or two, I received a call from your Agent, a very pleasant

man, who said the tow truck driver would phone me the following morning. As

promised, I received the call the next morning and was given a time frame

for that afternoon that my car would be picked up. The tow truck driver

arrived in a timely manner, was friendly and polite and although it was

pouring rain, he remained cheerful, which I appreciated. He removed the

license plates for me, hooked my car up, took care of the paperwork and

drove off with my car in tow.

Next she notes,

It’s hard to believe that everything went as smoothly as was outlined on

the website, in the emails and phone calls I received. I was pleased with

everything and I am so happy that this is the organization I selected. I

had googled ‘How to donate a car to charity,’ and DONATE A CAR CANADA

stood out as a very credible website and I am so incredibly impressed and

thankful that this all worked out so well.

~ New Westminster, BC, 2002 Pontiac donor, N.E.

How do I donate my car for cancer?

This is the easy part! First, 2e have a 5 – 10 minute donation form all set up for you. Fill that in and hit the “complete” button.

Next, choose any charity in Canada to receive your donation. We serve in every province!

Then, it’s all on us! We will make arrangements for your free pick-up.

Our agents will send payment for your vehicle. When a car is recycled, we see a set return on behalf of your charity of choice (this can be up to $600.00 in the current market). Our agent may be able to re-sell your donated vehicle! In that event, the limit is only as high as buyers are willing to bid!

Donated cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, or motorcycles put up for bids can bring hearty donation outcomes! We are seeing wonderfully strong sale outcomes in our strangely disrupted re-sale market. This is a great benefit to the charity you love!

There is no cost to you. The service is completely free for your charity, too.

We are so excited to work with you on your cancer car donation! We are a click or a call (1-877-250-4904) away and happy to assist.

You are also invited to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There you will be able to keep up-to-date on posts that showcase amazing donors and charities in every province in Canada!

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