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customer complaintsAre you a master of customer complaints? Sometimes customer feedback is spot-on and key to improving service. Sometimes? Well, sometimes we’re just taking the stress of the season out on an employee doing their best to keep the holidays running smoothly for all.

Perhaps, like Rosemary Counter from MoneySense, you have honed the art of engaging your service providers in meaningful conversation about needed change? Your ability to respectfully draw attention to a lapse in service is helpful to all future customers!

This kind of customer feedback is crucial to ensuring accountability and best practices. In a country where we pride ourselves on polite engagement and patient understanding, we need folks who are comfortable pointing out where this room for improvement!

As the economy does it’s wobbly thing, and as Christmas nears (with all of the joys, long-time grief, and stress that brings with it), consider your options in providing feedback on the customer care you’re receiving at every turn.

Indicate your issue clearly, and outline your hoped-for outcome. Be mindful of the fact that the person you are talking to about your issue is likely not responsible for the problem you’ve run into — they’re just a regular bloke doing their job (hopefully doing it very well!), and they probably want to help you resolve things as happily as possible.

Here at Donate a Car Canada we take every note of thanks for excellent customer service, and every concern about disappointment, to heart. Each donation is personal here (and we know it is for our receiving charities, too), so we’re eager to assist in every way possible, even if you have a customer complaint.

May your season be one of exceptional customer service and good cheer!

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