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Canadians love to give! We see it every day here at Donate a Car. It’s exciting to be part of gifting the Canadian charities you love, one vehicle donation at a time!

The result of that generosity has resulted in our Top Five Giving categories for 2014:   

Health Related

Children’s Health

Critter Care (Animal lovers are generous donors!)

Faith Based Missions

And More Children’s Charities! 

Charities in each of these categories, in just this past year, were

gifted anywhere from $5000.00 to $140,000.00 by donors like you!

When you donate your vehicle through our program, either for recycling, or re-selling, you can feel confident that your contributing to the joint efforts of vehicle donors across the country. Whether your donation outcome is the result of a re-sale on a newer, drivable car, or a standard recycle outcome, every dollar counts. We’re in this together and making our country great one gift at a time!

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