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Ronald McDonald House Charities are receiving vehicle donations from coast to coast. Who is impacted by their mission to keep families close while children are in hospital?

Ronald McDonald House Charities keeps families together

Imagine learning that your child is ill and you will need to travel to a different city to receive the medical care they need. In the midst of your worst nightmare as a parent, you must now also leave your home, your job and your support system. This is the reality for more than 70 per cent of Canadian families with seriously ill or injured children.

Your car, truck, van, and SUV donations make care for these families possible! Since first partnering together in 2015, Donate a Car Canada has facilitated the donation of hundreds of vehicles for Ronald McDonald House services in almost every province.

Donors from High Prairie, Crossfield, Sundre, Canmore, and beyond have gifted recycle-ready, and auctionable cars. One Rocky Mountain House donor donated 6 vehicles at one time!

That’s in Alberta alone! Ontario blows the wheels off with more yearly vehicle donors than any other province!

Many donated vehicles are recycle-ready. These cars, trucks, motorcycles and holiday vehicles are priced based on an ever-fluctuating metal market. From time-to-time, a donor will give a donation that has re-sale potential. These vehicles are sold as-is to the highest bidder.

For example, one Yaris donated from Bragg Creek drew a donation of $989.30 to RMHC!

Company vans. Trusty old Hondas. The net proceeds from the sale of each vehicle is sent to the charity at the end of the month. Moreover, no fees are ever charged to the charity. You will receive a tax receipt that reflects the amount that your chapter Ronald McDonald House receives from your vehicle donation.

How you can work with Ronald McDonald House

A few important stats from the Canadian RMHC site:

Keep over 26,000 families together

In an average year, 16 Ronald McDonald Houses and 18 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms serve more than 26,000 families

Save families $57 million

According to the 2023 RBC Economic Impact Study, in an average year, RMHC across Canada saves Canadians $57M in out-of-pocket expenses like accommodation and food while they are caring for their sick child.

Give 554 families a place to stay tonight 

RMHC Houses and RMHC Family Rooms can accommodate up to 554 families each night, ensuring they’re steps away from their sick child in hospital. 

Give to your regional Ronald McDonald House in other ways (not everyone has a donation-ready car sitting in the drive way!). Ask them about their wish lists.  They may be looking for things like baking supplies, toiletries, recreation and craft materials. Furthermore, they appreciate pick-me-up gifts for their families.

Donated items help keep costs low. This ensures they can continue providing a home away from home for hundreds of families each year.

Of course, if you do have a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, or some other unique 4-wheeled wonder to share, connect with us! We take care of all of your donation particulars, ensuring your gift gets into the hands of the cause you care about.

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