Peace on Earth | A Christmas Wish

Canadian car donors are a few things at their very heart: They are kind. Giving generously is second-nature to them. They are peace seekers and peace makers.

Peace through practicality

Compassion, kindness, and generous giving. Have you ever felt need of any of those things? Then you know that they often come in the shape of something really practical. It might be a hot casserole or a warm coat. You may experience it through a friend’s skill in car repair or plumbing. Felt needs (like food, housing, and safety) require kindness that helps to actually meet the need.

Peace can feel a bit more elusive. We hear a lot about it at this time of year. For some — perhaps for those whose felt needs have been met — it can be an interior state of being. “I feel peaceful,” or “I long for peace in my life.”

For others — perhaps we can safely say this is true of most of the world’s population today — the absence of peace is felt keenly. When “home” has been razed and your loved ones have fled. Where food and shelter and drinkable water are absent. When someone you love has been lost. Peace in these places is not theoretical or esoteric or mystical. Not when angry and frightened men are shooting at other angry and frightened men.

Hope for an aching world

It can feel overwhelming to hear stories of our politically disrupted world. But around here? We see the very best of Canadian Goodness every day!

Peace was top-of-heart when Seema chose to donate her 2011 Grand Caravan:

Togethering seems to be the only way to get this right, doesn’t it? One gift at a time. Helping one charity at a time. Individual Canadians giving to the works of practical peace and compassion that they love.

Our Christmas wish for you and yours

However you and I might align — and differ — politically, theologically, demographically…and all of the other “cally” we can muster, this is true: peace is up to me. It is up to you.

May you be met by provision, safety, and companionship of the very best sort this holiday season. Certainly you will do your utmost to meet others with the same. May the generosity you so freely share come back to you! And may 2023 end on a note of hope for what is yet to come.

May you be well…in all things.


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