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We’ve extended Betsy’s legacy on behalf of Epilepsy Canada this month!

Who is Betsy? She’s a trusty 2004 Mercedes C240. Our donors rolled into the program mid-August, ready to part ways with their sturdy car.

Betsy revs it up for charity

On paper it appeared that the Mercedes was better off recycled than going through our auction process. She was simply too old, the mileage too high. (Another reason we may not be free to auction a car is a lack of auction service in the area of donation. However, that did not apply to Betsy.)

What do we do if a car isn’t quite scrap ready, but cannot be auctioned off? We connect with our capable recycle/re-sale agents! These companies (local to the donation area) are one of the reasons we can draw the high donations we do. These folks go the extra mile, assessing each vehicle on its own merits. If they deem it recycle-ready, they’ll scrap the car for the donor. However, if they see re-sale value in the car or truck they’ll put it up for bids. Their contacts in the industry are vast. Moreover, they seek out the buyer that will offer the most money for the car.

Epilepsy Canada benefits

In Betsy’s case a donation of over $700.00 was made. Donor’s choose their charities in our program. For our Mercedes donor, Epilepsy Canada was the charity of choice!

Here’s what EC has to say about Epilepsy itself,

“Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that is defined by unprovoked seizures. A person is diagnosed with epilepsy if they have two unprovoked seizures (or one unprovoked seizure with the likelihood of more). However, these were not caused by some known and reversible medical condition. For example, alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar. Seizures in epilepsy may be related to a brain injury or a family tendency. Notably, the cause is usually unknown.

Approximately 360,000 Canadians live with epilepsy. It affects 1-in-100 people worldwide. Many people with epilepsy have more than one type of seizure. Additionally, they may have other symptoms of neurological problems as well.”

The mission

Epilepsy Canada is dedicated to positively affecting the lives of those living with epilepsy. It undertakes education and awareness activities. These build understanding, acceptance and hope for those effected by epileptic seizures or SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death from Epilepsy).  Furthermore, through its active financial support of research, it strives to help the Canadian neurology community find a cure for epilepsy.

The organization depends on donor and volunteer support for the continued development and delivery of its research grant programs.

Partnering with Betsy’s legacy

Does this charity resonate with your own values? Or touch into the story of your own life? When you have a vehicle you’re ready to donate, keep us in mind! Curious to learn more? Check us out on Face Book or Google reviews to get more insight into what we do. By way of tooting our own car horn a little, we have an A+ rating through the BBB. Furthermore, we often receive 5 star reviews from donors. We love working alongside Canadians in their efforts to live generously all through disrupted times.

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