Alzheimer Charities on the Hearts of Canadians

Charity choice is personal. We give where our hearts live. For many of us, the impact of compromised health and the loss of loved ones is at the center of our giving decisions. Alzheimer – related charities are on the receiving side of many of your gifts. Seeing high sale outcomes on donated vehicles for these causes is a hopeful relief!

Since the turn of the calendar in 2016 we’ve worked alongside many donors who have surrendered their recycle-ready cars for the bread and butter donation outcomes that our charities rely on to keep working day to day.

One or two gifts have been a little more heart-stopping in their returns! An Ontario Jaguar is set to deliver the London Alzheimer Society a gift of close to $3,000.00.

Back in March, a Cadillac DTS drew a donation of $14,195.00 for the Alzheimer Society in Toronto!

This disease hits too close to home for so many of us, and we are working together, across the country, to see breakthroughs in research and care for our loved ones.

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary notes,

As our population ages and (Canadians) are living longer, it’s become increasingly important to have a basic understanding of dementia, how to maintain the health of your brain and reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias later in life. Currently, the lifetime risk of developing dementia is 1 in 4 for women and 1 in 6 for men.

Resources and support area available to your family if you are facing this issue for the first time. If this is a disease that is impacting your family, reach out to the professionals and groups near you that can come alongside you and your loved ones.

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