Gratitude for Donate A Car Canada

I’m very, very impressed with your program, it makes it easier to part with my car of twenty five years.

Thank you for recognizing that this is an important life juncture…sixty years of driving and no longer feeling I should be on the roads was a difficult decision. However, it has been an accident free six decades and I wished to end with my record in tact.

Ann and Tom…picked up my much loved car of twenty five years…their friendliness and pleasant conversation made a sad occasion a little less so. Just as…the kind folks of Donate a Car Canada were such a pleasure, Tom Cat Towing were the perfect people to help keep my nostalgia at a minimum. Ann understood that many memories are made during a long period of owning a car that was a real honey…low maintenance and dependable. Tom was impressed with the fact that it is a standard drive!

Thank you for providing a valuable service.

My heartfelt gratitude for Donate A Car Canada,

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