Car has been recycled

Thank your for your note. I’ve been waiting a little while to make sure
my donated car has been recycled into money for my charity, and into a tax
receipt for me.

It appears that all objectives have been accomplished, thanks to your
well run organization. I send special thanks to (your agents). When, after four business days, the local Halifax towing agent still hadn’t given me a phone call, I got in touch with (your agent). (They) promptly, no, immediately
jumped on the problem, and, presto, the local tow trucker was in my parking lot, friendly and ready to roll my dear car away very next day.

I also note with much appreciation your pleasant intake person.
She had a soothing voice, and an gentle, intelligent empathy; very fitting
qualities for dealing with my momentary little feelings of soft
sentimental sadness at surrendering my beloved car.

Well done, everyone.

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