Spring Cleaning | From Closet to Carport

Have you got the bug already? That not-so-quiet chittering in the back of your mind that’s rallying the cry to clean out the cupboards, dust out the corners, and organize the garage? Spring cleaning is top of mind as we settle in with our first Spring snow storm in Alberta.

Spring Cleaning — Gettin’ it done around the house

Companies abound to help with our many tasks as cleaning and organizational gurus blog, Youtube, and publish books on how we can get a little peace of mind by sorting through the sock drawer.

If you’re looking for a start to your own Spring cleaning venture, Good Housekeeping can give you a nudge in the right direction in almost every corner of your home.

Your “second home” | Spring cleaning tips for your car

What about outside the four walls of the house? You spend so much time chauffeuring, commuting, and connecting with loved ones in your home-on-wheels, and Wheels.ca can help with the how-tos of getting that home away from home in top shape for the season.

‘Ready to do more than just clean the stuff you have?

If you’re ready to clear the driveway altogether, or just need an unused vehicle removed from the garage, consider donating to one of Canada’s far-reaching charities. Your “junk” really can become another person’s treasure, and we’re here to help with the clean-up!

We make this bit of spring cleaning simple, cheerful, and free.

First, get a quick start by clicking the red button below. It will take you to our donation form. Just a few minutes and you’ll be on your way to a free tow. ‘Looking for human connection? Call us at 1-877-250-4904 where you’ll have the chance to talk with a funny, savvy, caring human!

Then, just wait for your phone to ring. That will be the tow agent calling to arrange tow timing that suits you best.

Finally, watch your inbox. The tax receipt from your charity of choice will land there once we have processed payment for your donated vehicle.

Wherever possible, we re-sell donated vehicles (as-is, to the highest bidder). Where needed, we recycle them. Either way, your chosen charity (you really can choose ANY Canadian charity!) will receive the net proceeds from the processing of your donated van, truck, SUV, car, or motorcycle.

Spring cleaning with a generous flare! We can’t wait to serve you well…
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