Christmas Travel | Top Ten Must-see Destinations

Christmas travel, with its whimsy, beauty, and celebration, are just a flight away for those ready for adventure.

Christmas travel to far-flung places

I’m an armchair traveler, myself. Our family Christmas won’t venture far from the kitchen table, but ’tis the season for many to explore exotic reaches. Looking for warmer weather, escape from the blazing oven (and endless “holiday” clean-up), or a little ease on those strained relations? lists Lonely Planet’s number one Christmas travel destination as – you guessed it – Bethlehem. The locale whose claim to fame is the birth of the Christian Jesus holds celebrations (including midnight mass) on Manger Street.

Number 2 on their list? Finland’s Santa Claus Village, of course! “…the deep wintertime snow and reindeer-dotted forests go a long way toward off setting the touristy atmosphere, though there’s an amusement park called Santa Park not far from the village.”

From Australia, to Ireland, to Tokyo, Japan, the people of the world have found their own cultural spins on a holiday that finds its roots in a combination of pagan and religious intrigue. (Visit the site for some quick glimpses of the planet’s holiday havens.)

It’s hard to top Moscow, Russia for capturing the picture-perfect beauty of the season, but wintry wonderlands around the globe are sure to entice.

Whether your preference is to stay snug at home, surrounded by family and holiday cheer, or to go in search of Christmas far from home, may this season find you cared for, and caring for.

A Christmas Travel Poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all thru the house,

Family members frantically packing their bags,

Squeezing in one more sweater and blouse.

One outfit per each was placed in the bag of another,

Just in case you go north and your bag goes souther.

Names and phone numbers all tucked securely inside each bag,

If your luggage tag goes amiss, your name will still be had.

Leave all gifts unwrapped till you get to your destination,

So airport security needn’t ask you un-do each creation.

Leave the house with plenty of time

To park the car and get through the long security line.

Leave the liquids at home or risk they meet their demise,

Not sure the specifics? Google “TSA liquid rules” to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

This is not the season to be stressed and running late,

So pack your patience and offer smiles to your traveling mates.

Airports offer shopping, food, sights to see and more,

So visit your airport’s website to see what to explore.

Weather delays are an unfortunate likelihood,

Be prepared with a book, some food and all will be good.

Place your name on each item (every laptop and phone) with a label or biz card,

So any items left in seat pockets can be returned to you instead of the lost and found yard.

Arrival time! Pick up your bags and avoid being stampeded,

Seek out the Information Desk if any transportation info is needed.

This holiday season is for spending time with family and friends,

Be ever so grateful for the opportunity travel extends.

~Carol Margolis (

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