Jan’s experience with Donate a Car

My only complaint is that when someone comes to tow your car, you receive no receipt from the towing company or Donate A Car so you have no proof as to who has taken the car. It could be sold and the profits kept with no good proof as to who took the car. It is necessary to wait several weeks before you receive an email with the amount of the tax receipt and the confirmation that the money has gone to the charity of your choice. Until you receive that email, you can only rely on the good faith of Donate A Car. I would prefer some paperwork rather than having to rely on that good faith.

Message from Donate a Car: Thank you so much for your feedback Josephine. Our agents have a form that they should have printed off, signed, and left with you at the time of pick-up. We will not only address this with your particular agent, but will send a reminder to all of our agents to ensure that they are leaving all of our donors with that peace of mind receipt.

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